Roman Blinds

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Beautiful Style Statement

Fabrics can be block-out or translucent creating a soft, filtered light effect whilst providing good levels of privacy.

Vast range to choose from

  • Roman Blinds bring out the interior designer inside you and enjoy making your selections from a vast array of fabric colours, patterns, and textures.
  • Self-aligning cord guides ensure your shades will raise and lower without skewing. They are durable and functional, using quality cordlock, pulley and chainwinder operations.

Unique Styles
  • Total block-out is ideal for sleeping areas or bright sun aspects while light filtering is often used in living spaces. They can block out heat and protect your interiors from the sun.
  • Unique style roman blinds, which by using a canvas type material in a natural calico colour, will enhance any window or door.
  • The Inika style also has the option of timber battens in each fold to your choice of finish.
  • For privacy, filtered light or total block out get a quote from the Darwin experts in Roman Blinds.
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