Drop Arm Awnings

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For Hard to Reach Windows

External Awnings that will stop heat entering your home to lower your cost of living.

Fabric Awnings

  • Fashionline’s Drop Arm Fabric Awnings shade windows extremely effectively in any location, for a window in a hard to reach place, they are particularly effective.
  • They pivot in an arc, so they can extend and retract the fabric across the entire window.
  • This shades the window but also allows space between the awnings and the window where air can circulate and, more importantly, the casement windows can open.
  • Pay less for your home energy bills. Install external Awnings on every window of your home.

Control heat from the outside
  • Outside Awnings can stop heat entering your home so you use less energy for cooling which means lower energy bills.
  • Awnings help prevent ultraviolet rays from invading your home and bleaching the colour from your carpets and furnishings.
  • Look no further than the Darwin experts at Straitline Blinds to help cool your home/office with our outside Drop Arm Awnings, which will also reduce your cost of living.
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