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Company History

Straitline Vertical Blind Cleaning & Maintenance, specialising in cleaning and maintenance of window furnishings, commenced in 1990. The business operated domestically but expanded quickly into manufacturing and retailing of finished products to meet with growing demands. In March 1991, the name changed to Straitline Blinds to reflect the company was not only cleaning and maintaining blinds, but manufacturing and retailing blinds as well.

In September 1999, the business registered as a company to its present day name, Straitline Blinds Pty Ltd. In October 2001, the current day Managing Director, Adrian Moscheni and his wife, Sharron Moscheni, became the joint directors. Over the following years until present, the company has moved from strength to strength in all aspects of local manufacturing (heavily investing in equipment for the manufacture of Venetian Blinds, Vertical Drapes, and Roller Blinds & Panel Blinds), local employment and supporting local industry where ever possible.

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