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Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds precisely control the level of light that comes into your home and the degree of privacy with clever blades of fabric that can tilt to reveal or obscure the world outside. The blades draw like a curtain and can stack neatly to the right, left or centre to set the mood just as you want it.

Open them, close them, or set them to a partial reveal. Verticals give you amazing versatility with your choice of color and texture from the huge range of fabrics available.

Fashionline has a superior tracking system that ensures blades sit evenly in place and draw smoothly, they are easy to clean and operate, and the simple easy-to-use fingertip controls rotate the blades through 180 degrees. You need to protect your home from harsh sunlight and Vertical blinds give you that versatility.

Economical, practical and effective, this window furnishing has stood the test of time. Tracking Systems, supplied by Acmeda Australia, are equally suitable for domestic and commercial use. Our vast range of fabric suppliers consist of Australia's largest manufacturers, with an endless number of colours and styles. These blinds are generally supplied with a 127mm (face fitted) or 89mm (recess fitted) wide blade.


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