Straitline Blinds Pty Ltd have two important announcements to share with our valued customers.

Firstly, Straitline Blinds Pty Ltd has been accepted as a member of the FASHIONLINE GROUP, effective October 2010. What does this mean? You, our customers will be able to benefit from this exciting development as it ensures Straitline Blinds are able to purchase base materials at bulk discounted pricing. Yes, that's right. Our better buying prices will be passed onto our valuable cusomers. There are currently 25 independent companies Australia wide who come together when negotiating the better buying prices with suppliers. To find out more about Fashionline Group follow the link

Secondly, Straitline Blinds Pty Ltd has been accepted as a Somfy Automation Specialist (SAS). Somfy is the world leader in motorisation for all types of end user products, espacially for us in the areas of blinds & awnings. Being a SAS shows the confidence Somfy has for our business in being able to help and solve any motorisation issues or questions our customers have. Find out more about SAS follow the link